Running Around Texas: The Buddy Holly Center


During my lunch hour, I took a break to check out the local scenery here in Lubbock, Texas. It was a typical small town/ college town, of I am used to. I was heading to a specific destination, The Buddy Holly Center.

I did not know that Buddy Holly was born here in Lubbock, as I only could recall that he was from Texas. What I did know was that he was a skilled musician and a huge influence on the growing rock’n’roll scene. His life was cut short in a tragic plane crash along with musicians Richie Valens and “The Big Bopper.”

This museum was a tribute and legacy of his work in his hometown. Housed in a former train depot and restaurant, the Buddy Holly Center is now a art gallery, featuring a museum of Holly’s history and memorabilia.

The gallery was substantial with a trove of mementos and artifacts that belonged to the music legend. Along the walls were items that belonged to him in his youth. He was a bit of a craftsman working with wood and leather. From there, it expands into his interest in music and his early works. One of the main highlights is the work as the frontman for The Crickets.

The eliptical course brought us to other artifacts- records, one of his guitars, a meaningful tribute to Richie Valens and the Big Bopper. Near the center of the exhibit, was the pair of glasses that the singer wore on that fateful night. The lenses gone. A haunting reminder of how his life was cut so short.

In a side room was a theatre playing a short documentary about the life and times of Buddy Holly, spotlighting interviews with friends and family. The video showed its age as the loop had shown static lines on certain screens.

The rest of the gallery spotlighted the history of the depot and local artists. Some were graduates of nearby Texas Tech, where I was working. The art was quaint and in some cases moving and hauntingly beautiful. Scenes of urban and rural life, mixed with Native American and Hispanic influences made for a potent combination.

After leaving to return to work, I made a brief stop at a small park next to the Center, which had a large statue of Buddy Holly. Along the wall were other musicians who were well regarded and had some connection to Holly or to the locale. The park was small and fenced off, but was lush with a canopy of green grass.

The Buddy Holly Center proved to be an oasis and pays deft tribute to Holly and his friends, as well as makes for a perfect hometown shrine to the music legend. It is a place where you can truly learn more about the artist, and his contribution to rock’n’roll.

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Running Around Texas: Rudy’s

Beef brisket done right at Rudy's

Beef brisket done right at Rudy’s

I was sent to Lubbock, Texas to support one of our clients. I was there for a week to help users with my company’s provided software. It was a small college town, much like Seattle, only there were no sky scrapers to speak of and there were no major technology companies housed in the nearby neighborhoods.

I was interested in the food. Texas in general had a reputation of having some fine barbeque, and I sought out some areas immediately. I had several choices available to me, and I chose two that I wanted to get to before I had to return.

On a recommendation by a colleague, I had made a journey to Rudy’s, a mash up of country store and barbecue restaurant. It was near my hotel and and a short drive from where I was working. I made two visits.

The place was a collision of a country roadhouse, sports bar, and country grocery store. There were picnic benches for tables, trays were soda crates, and they set out a huge cooler full of beer, sodas, and other beverages. The front counter had candy, chips, and other gas station staples to go along with their bottles of barbecue sauce.

I was given a sampler of the meats available. I tried the beef brisket, pulled pork, and roasted turkey. I opted for the beef, which was tender and juicy. I also had a beer and coleslaw. Sitting near the windows, I had the choice of getting the normal tangy sauce or the sissy sauce, which seemed not as spicy or tangy. I devoured the barbecue with the slices of bread given to me to make a impromptu sandwich. It was very good. I was so satisfied with the taste I came back for a pulled pork sandwich the night before I was to leave.

Rudy’s had everything that I wanted, awesome barbecue, character in a restaurant, and good service. It is a nice place to eat if you are in the area.

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Parking Around in Circles

Parking in San Francisco is like a horrible merry go round with a brass ring that is just slightly out of reach. Even stretching out your arms doesn’t give you a favorable result. And then there is this thing called street cleaning. I think it’s a money making scam for the city. While I see it relavance- vaccumming and scraping up the litter that has accumulated on the street, does it really have to be done once a week for all the different directions?

I drive to my BART stop (Bay Area Rapid Transit for the unfamiliar) to commute to work in the City’s Financial District. I drive around and around in circles in a nearby neighborhood to park off on the side streets. I have to be careful where I park, I want to avoid the zoned parking, street cleaning, and construction that might be going on in the area.

Parking roulette has begun. I can’t park in zoned areas as the City marked off that area a parking area for residents only- only people who live there can park for an unlimited time. The rest of us have only four hours of parking at most. So now it is looking for parking on a street that has not been cleaned.

Street cleaning is scheduled for one day a week for each side of the street. You have Tuesdays and Thursdays for one direction, say the north and south facing streets, while east and west may have Wednesdays and Fridays. It’s all different for the different neighborhoods. There is a two hour window in which the cleaners come through. If you are still parked in the area , it’s a ticket of $55 or more.

So parking is a real challenge here in the City. It even follows me home as our crowded neighborhood has multiple cars for each family, filling up spots each night, forcing me to park in the driveway. I also have to be cautious about that as you must not block the sidewalk proper or be fined a $110+ ticket. It makes me glad that I have a garage that I can use.

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Name Change For Now

I’ve decided to give the Monthly Musings a try for the time being, as I don’t think I’ll be able to make up for 15+ weeks of absentee posting. I am going to try posting at least twice a month until I can really say and post things on a better schedule.

I am also trying to cut down on my time spent on a computer. It does suck the life out of you and takes away time better spend with famiily friends, and others.

This should also helpwith getting some of the previous stuff a little more organized. I have a bunch of pictures that are missing from the blog that really should go along with the stories. Hopefully this will let me catch up.

So, I am going to see if I can at least recap some of the places I have visted and post pictures of what I have done to make this page up to date and a fun and interesting place to visit.

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Binge Blogging

Hello? Is this thing on? Ah, hello intrepid readers. Sorry I haven’t been readily available. I’ve been completely swamped with work at my regular job. Normally I would spend a early part of my Saturday and Sunday working on this blog, but it just never materialized.

I have been sent off to work in Texas for a week and things began to decline then. Work, some personal matters, and just general laziness got in the way. I want to change that. You can say that this is sort of a New Year’s resolution, although I don’t have a very good track record of keeping them. I want to see if I can keep doing this or if I should change the title of the blog to something else. “Tedd’s Monthly Musings” comes to mind.

I have been put in charge of the defunct Lit. & Music Review by its publisher, one of my oldest friends Paul Seitz. I have yet to decide how to reorganize that site. I have Joe Adventure to work on as well, which I think a monthly schedule would work out better to post articles there. So much to do, so little time.
At least I got a new keyboard with this tablet of mine.
I hope to at least get caught up on this blog by writing out 12 or 15 short articles. That’s all I want to try to do in the next few weeks while getting ready for some other projects. I have the best time and venue to do so.
So here we go again.

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“On the Road Again…”

Work has been keeping me busy, having kept me from contributing to my weekly efforts of sharing my adventures as I adapt to being a Californian. Imagine my surprise when they decided to send me to Texas to provide technical support for a client. This is only maybe my third outing where work had sponsored me.

So I am off to Lubbock, Texas, a college town on the northwest side of Texas. I have never been to Texas before, but have family here. Since this is a business trip, I have no time to visit with the family. They live on the east side the state.

I caught an early morning flight from San Francisco to Dallas/Fort Worth. San Francisco is one of the airports with the full body x-ray imaging machine to see if you are really hiding anything. I almost got chosen to go through the machine, but considering the line of patrons trying to get through, the standard metal detector would have to suffice. Had I have to go through the x-ray imaging machine, I would have need to warn the TSA agents I had some medical implants in my leg, resembling a box of staples spilled out all over my leg. Luckily, I merely had to go through the regular metal detector.

I white knuckled through the three hour flight which was uneventful, watching a movie I had upoaded to my latest toy, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. We landed in Dallas/Fort Worth without much issue. I had several hours layover as I waited for the connecting flight to land.

So I had lunch, since I did not eat anything before leaving. I then waited for a outlet to plug in my tablet, having spent some juice watching the movie. My connecting flight had arrived, and I boarded it. I had not been on board such a smaller airliner before. One side had single seating and a narrow, low aisle that while I did not have to stoop, was rather narrow.

The flight was thankfully short at about one hour. I landed in Lubbock and got my rental. I traveled to my hotel and started to get ready for work the next day- I supplied myself with food and got my maps in order. Thankfully I am staying at a hotel near a large shopping center.

I am here in Lubbock for the week. I will relate some of my adventures here as I help our client wih their issues.

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R.A.C.: Francis Ford Coppola Winery

On our way back from traveling on a personal pilgrimage, I was promised by my wife we would stop and do some wine tasting on our way home. We were near Sonoma County, home to many world class wineries. It was by coincidence the winery that we were slated to visit was near Francis Ford Coppola’s winery.

Now, I know very little about wine. I know what I like drinking, and have a devil of a time matching them to food. I also like cooking with wine that I like to drink with, which may be a taboo thing to do in some circles. Despite al of this, I very much enjoy havng a glass of wine with my dinner, whether it be fish or steak or pasta.

With that in mind, I took us to the Coppola Winery. It was a spraling farm and estate. Part of the main building was devoted to the selling of wine, paraphanalia, and other Coppola brand materials. Another part of the venue had be closed for ‘club members.’ Yes you can be a part of the Francis Ford Coppola Winery Club.

In the main hall outside of the tasting room is a Tucker Torpedo from the movie “Tucker.” It turned on a lazy susan, a huge centerpiece of movie memorabillia. Along the walls were wines, sauces, and pastas to name a few thing to be sold there.

Above the rotunda on the second level were more memorabilia. The desk from “The Godfather” was there looming over the space, flanked by the awards that Mr. Coppola had won over his career. It was the first time I had seen an Oscar statue up close, along with a Palm d’Or from the Cannes Film Festival. Other props and pieces from his movies lined the walls.

In the gift shop area were his wines and other gift items. Nearby were two large sailing ships from Sophia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette.”

I gawked at all the movie memorabilia, as I had seen many of Mr. Coppola’s films, like “The Godfather,” and “Apocalypes Now.” I had to remind myself I was there for the wine tasting, which was closing for the day soon. I belied up to the bar and had the six servings offered for the day.

I enjoyed a lot of them. We started off with a bit of sparkling wine to just whet the whistle. My wife and I sipped each one from the select Diamond label. These were classic wines that were reasonably priced and can be enjoyed on a regualr basis. The samples of Chardonnay, Malbec, Merlot, and Zinfandel were delicious. A fine meal with these wines would not do you wrong.

Our server, who reminded me a little of Philip Seymor Hoffman was gracious and knowledgable. He was also quite busy with serving a half dozen guests including my wife and I. He seemed pleased when I purchsed a bottle of the Malbec, the favorite of the selection.

If there wee more time to spend, I would have probalby spend most of the day there at the winery soaking in the movie maker’s legacy. This was a fantastic place to go visit for a little wine and film history. It is a must see place for any film fan and wine afficianado.

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